Azerion Connect Third Party Partner’s List

This list includes information about the third parties that your data may be shared with, in the way described in our Privacy Notice.

Under ”Category”, you will find information about the activity your Personal Data is processed for, such as for customer service. The ”Third party” indicates what third party specifically processes your data for the respective category. ”Retention time” provides information about the amount of time your data is kept for. The information that is included in this column is based on the information we have received from the third parties. For the most up to date information about the retention times, we refer to the privacy notice of the respective third party, which we have included in this list. In the third-party privacy notices, you will furthermore find information on how they collect and process your personal data.

The last amendment has been made on: 05/09/2022

VersionLast Updated
1.0Monday, 05 September 2022
CategoryThird PartyRetention TimePrivacy Notice
HostingAmazon Web ServicesAccount Lifetime
Third Party LoginFacebookCheck their Privacy Notice
Third Party LoginGoogle Check their Privacy Notice
Third Party LoginSteamCheck their Privacy Notice
Third Party LoginXboxCheck their Privacy Notice
Third Party LoginDiscordCheck their Privacy Notice
Third Party LoginTwitchCheck their Privacy Notice
Third Party LoginMicrosoftCheck their Privacy Notice
Third Party LoginLinkedinCheck their Privacy Notice
Third Party LoginAppleCheck their Privacy Notice
Customer ServiceZendeskCheck their Privacy Notice
AnalyticsGoogle Analytics 42 months
Bot and Spam Prevention ToolRecaptchaCheck their Privacy Notice
Third Party PlatformsAll third party platforms that are part of the Azerion Connect ecosystem.Check their Privacy NoticeWhen you delete your account on Azerion Connect, your data will remain on Third Party Platforms. You need to request data deletion from related Third Party Platforms. Check their Privacy Notice.